Tongan Vanilla Crown And Crate

This variant of Crown and Crate combines local raw wildflower honey harvested locally from Merrimack Valley hives with lactose sugar and the pronounced Tongan vanilla beans. Hopped excessively with Galaxy and Mosaic, the resulting Double IPA is a fresh and invigorating addition to the series.


Pouring a soft canary yellow color, Tongan Vanilla Crown and Crate's opaque, glowing haze prepares the senses for an array of citrus and tropical aromas. Orange zest and pineapple nectar awaken the palate, shifting to more confectionary vanilla frosting and cream filling notes towards the back of each sip. Plush with gentle carbonation, Tongan Vanilla Crown and Crate is a highly indulgent Double IPA.

: Double IPA
: 8.3%
HOPS: Mosaic, Galaxy
MALT: American 2-Row Barley, White Wheat, Flaked Wheat
ADDITIONAL INGREDIENTS: Raw Wildflower Honey, Tongan Vanilla Beans, Milk Sugar