Our Values

Words can be powerful, when they are brought to life with passion and action. They can mean different things to different people, so we define the words that embody our values and strive to uphold their intention through our work every day.  Our values guide our decision making process, drive the actions that we take to empower our team, and enable us to provide excellent service to our guests!


We value and protect the safety of our team and guests. We provide education, resources, and support for occupational health and safety standards, as well as anti-harassment policies. We strive to create an environment that minimizes physical threats and we will not tolerate harassment of any kind. To learn more about our Safe Space Policy, click here.


No one person can do it alone. We work hard to accomplish our goals together, regardless of role or tenure. From Brewing to Accounting to Hospitality, we are all integral players in Trillium's success. We recognize that we are one team, with a shared passion for creating exceptional products and experiences for others.

Work Ethic

Consistency is key. We expect our entire team to bring their best, every single day. We work with integrity and mutual respect and promise to contribute equally.


We celebrate our successes with pride of achievement, but are driven by the recognition that we have so much more to learn and experience.


We dream big and are constantly inspired by the world around us. Our mindset of continuous improvement drives us to create and persistently refine the products and experiences that we are proud to share with you.


Our high standards for quality extend from our products and services to our performance and ourselves. We hold our partners and vendors to the same standard to ensure that the ingredients and equipment we use consistently meet the expectations we have for our products. 

Safe Space Policy

Trillium is committed to fostering an environment free from discrimination and harassment for both our team and our guests. We celebrate equality, diversity, and inclusivity, striving to create a welcoming environment for all.

Our main goal is to promote and maintain a safe and comfortable work space for every one of our employees which strictly forbids discrimination and harassment of any kind. Whether based on race, color, creed, sex, pregnancy, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, ancestry, age, medical condition, disability, handicap, genetic disposition or carrier status, marital status, veteran status, or any other category protected under applicable laws, Trillium upholds a zero-tolerance policy for any discriminatory behavior. 

This policy doesn't simply represent a legal obligation of us here at Trillium, but stands as a foundational pillar that extends to each and every level of our organization. Accordingly, any form of harassment or discrimination, whether by a fellow employee, manager, vendor, or guest, is unacceptable and will be addressed with appropriate consequences. 

We commit to responding quickly and effectively to any instance of harassment and discrimination and we encourage our team to report instances to any leader, HR, or our anonymous third party line if they are concerned or unsure about inappropriate conduct. Retaliation against our staff for reporting harassment and discriminatory issues or for cooperating in the investigation of a report or complaint, will not be tolerated.