Our Spirits

Crafted with dedication and an unwavering commitment to excellence, our spirits make every moment special. Blending the finest ingredients with unparalleled artistry, our spirits are distilled in our cutting-edge facility where timeless tradition harmonizes with modern innovation. The result is a taste experience unlike any other. 

Explore our collection: Aveller Gin, Wavebreak White Rum, Windrow Vodka, Agrumi and Ardito Amari, and JC Tetreault Orange Liqueur. Available now at our Canton and Fort Point locations, with more locations coming soon. Cheers to our new chapter!

Aveller Gin

Intentionally layered, citrus centric, New American gin with 11 distinctive botanicals. Each sip reflects on our values of quality, intentionality and eternal optimism.

NOSE: Fresh pine with refreshing eucalyptus, orange chiffon cake and lemon slices. Earthy spices and woody notes reminiscent of boreal forests add unparalleled depth

PALATE: A harmony of fresh juniper bursting with tangerine cream and orange zest balanced by herbal undertones with notes of angelica and sage

FINISH: Fresh lemon peel and a subtle blend of lavender and chamomile with lingering herbal spice


Windrow Vodka

Thoughtfully distilled, New England Farmhouse vodka, small batch crafted from our select blend of grains to offer a smooth mouthfeel and clean flavor that showcases our unique terroir.

NOSE: Clean and rounded with delicate notes of biscuit and fresh baked brioche

PALATE: Refined and smooth, delivering subtle notes of hazelnut and vanilla with a silky mouthfeel

FINISH: Lingering warmth, a crisp character accompanied by a mild sweetness


Wave Break White Rum

Finest Grade A molasses provides rich sugar cane silkiness and tropical fruit aromas unique to our New England distilled Wave Break Rum.

NOSE: Ripe pineapple and banana give way to rich vanilla and soft baking spices followed by delicate sweetgrass

PALATE: Light bodied tropical notes of dragon fruit and acai, complemented by the dark sweetness of chocolate and dried raspberries

FINISH: Short finish of cane sugar and warm hay


JC Tetreault Orange Liqueur

Liqueur fine enough to bear the Tetreault family name. 

NOSE: Starburst candied orange and rich honey with lemon infusion

PALATE: Dried Curaçao orange peels, nutmeg coffee cake with a dash of cinnamon leave a warming combination of sweet citrus and light bitterness

FINISH: Long finish of sweet orange tart


Ardito Amaro

Taking its name from the Italian word for bold, this liqueur is brooding, with rich espresso and hints of caramelized sugar.  The palate showcases complex layers of bittersweet chocolate  and warming spices before yielding to orange zest and vanilla, making it an ideal digestive. 

COLOR: Rich Mahogany

NOSE: Dark chocolate with pecan chips and raspberry coulis, followed by warming spices and alpine herbs.

PALATE: Freshly roasted coffee beans, mocha and deep licorice unfold before yielding to citrus, Madagascar vanilla and smoked paprika.

FINISH: Savory bitterness and earthy citrus linger as subtle red fruit sweetness fades. 

PROOF: 17.5

Agrumi Amaro

Taking its name from the Italian word for citrus, this liqueur is bright, yet showcases complex layers of earthiness that compliment the profile, making it an ideal digestive. 

COLOR: Rich ruby

NOSE: Midknight valencia orange gives way to robust brown sugar sweetness and fresh, damp soil. A lightly bitter earthiness and tree bark provide depth

PALATE: An initial sip provides vibrant citrus sweetness and grapefruit acidity.  Layered beneath, a pronounced herbal bitterness emerges with notes of fresh roots, wormwood, and cherry bark.

FINISH: Lingering citrus with a trailing earthy bitterness leaves the palate refreshed.