The Essential Penknife
Like any good set of tools, a clean, crisp, and refreshing Lager is paramount for any New England adventure. While the recipes will change, the focus on incorporating local ingredients and quenching thirst will never waver. Grab your gear, pack an Essential Lager, and get outside.

Like its trusty, all-purpose namesake, Penknife's recipe is a bit more multifaceted than its counterparts in the Essential Series. In addition to the base Valley Pilsner Malt consistent throughout each Pale Lager, we've also added Plimoth Plantation Grist Mill Corn, as well as a touch of Munich 10L. The hop profile is also more complex, featuring two American Noble varieties in Mosaic and Simcoe, with a dry-hop of Four Star Farms whole-cone Crystal, and a nimble highlight of Czech Saaz.

The resulting beer pours a soft gold color with a fluffy white head. Gentle malt aromas of whole grain bread dough and cereal grain lay the groundwork for hop-derived notes of vibrant lemon zest, orange blossom, an herbaceous tea profile, and a grassy finish. Clean and crisp, with a subdued sweetness in the background of each sip, The Essential Penknife is supremely thirst-quenching.

STYLE: American Pale Lager
ABV: 4.3%
HOPS: American Noble Simcoe, American Noble Mosaic, Four Star Farms Whole Cone, Crystal, Saaz
MALT: Valley Pilsner, Plimouth Grist Mill Corn, Munich 10L, Acidulated Malt