Speed Mettle

First released in 2014 as a growler-only offering out of 369 Congress Street, The original Speed Mettle was born out of an effort to ensure we had enough beer to meet a seemingly impossible to keep up with demand, without cutting corners on quality.

Throughout the previous six years, both past and present members of Team Trillium have worked tirelessly to build the sustainable and efficient brewery we now enjoy. The thorough process and technical improvements realized within this time have benefited not only our team but our beer and you, our guests, as well. With the constraints that Speed Mettle originally emerged from no longer looming over our heads, the 2020 reincarnation is much more a result of our never-ending pursuit of making better beer.

Pouring a beautiful pale and hazy golden orange color, Speed Mettle offers an intense aromatic display of papaya, juicy mango, and candied orange. An extra dose of whirlpool hops brings out a beautiful citrus zest-meets-floral undertone, creating welcomed complexity as the glass warms. Impressively soft, with very mild bitterness and a dry finish, we're thrilled to see Speed Mettle make a return six years after its debut.

ABV: 8%
HOPS: Citra, Amarillo
MALT: American 2 Row Barley, Flaked Wheat