Soak Pineapple
Soak Hard Seltzer is 100% REAL. A clean, crisp, and highly bubbly seltzer allows the best quality fruit to shine. From the juicy fruit and vibrant color, to the gently tart finish and soft haze, you'll enjoy a unique seltzer experience unlike any other. You won’t find flavorings, extracts, concentrates, artificial sweeteners or colors in the can. What you will experience is a well crafted, incredibly refreshing beverage that both seltzer fans and craft beer lovers alike will enjoy. // There are few things in life as smile-inducing as a midsummer bite of juicy pineapple. Soak Seltzer: Pineapple will keep your grinning sip after sip.

STYLE: Hard Seltzer
ABV: 4%