Resolution Break 2021
New Year’s Resolutions are always hard to keep. They are even harder when you attempt to fast from beer for an entire month. Here at Trillium, we have been eagerly looking forward to break our resolutions with a decadent, brunch-inspired imperial stout brewed in collaboration with Burgundian Waffles and Barrington Coffee. For this recipe, we used over 500 pounds of Burgundian’s Liege-style waffles in the mash and then infused the beer with our new Trillium blend cold brew coffee that we developed alongside the master roasters at Barrington.

Resolution Break pours a faintly hazy black with a light brown head and thick, eye-catching lacing. Swirling aromas lift from the glass calling to mind Sunday brunch preparations as tantalizing freshly ground dark coffee, warm cocoa, and waffle batter engage the senses. Caramelized pearl sugar and vanilla bean glaze layer on the palate followed a wash of our Trillium blend cold brew revealing roasted nut, dark chocolate bits and subtle earthiness. With above-medium sweetness and soft carbonation, Resolution Break offers a thick, luscious mouthfeel with a subtle hint of spongy waffle on the finish making for a smooth sip that's well worth the wait.

STYLE: Imperial Stout
ABV: 13%
HOPS: Co2 Hop Extract
MALT: Pale Malt, Crystal Malt, Flaked Oats, Black Patent, Chocolate Malt, Munich Malt, White Wheat
ADDITIONAL INGREDIENTS: Burgundian Liege-Style Waffles, Belgian Pearl Sugar, Lactose, Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Trillium Cold Brewed Coffee