Red Sorrel

Named after distinct pasture grasses and forbs that can be found scattered throughout the fields of the Trillium Farm in North Stonington, CT, The Pasture Series is a collection of mid-strength, mixed fermentation beer that utilizes distinct ingredients and processes, resulting in standalone expressions that we're excited to share with you.


Built upon a simple pilsner and wheat malt base from our friends at Valley Malt, this mixed-fermentation American Wild Ale was brewed more than two years ago. After a long rest in oak, we selected complimentary barrels for blending, dry-hopped with aged Slovenian hops, and sent the beer off for bottle conditioning. Red Sorrel is a sibling to Woolly Mullein, featuring the same base recipe, but different barrel selections, which present unique sensory differences in the final blends.


Deep yellow in appearance, with a touch of haze and effervescent carbonation, Red Sorrel offers a complex array of aromatics. Vibrant apricot and nectarine tones are layered upon a subtly spicy hop character and musty oak. A moderate tannic structure is washed away by balanced, clean acidity, providing a refreshing finish that dances across the palate.

STYLE: American Wild Ale
ABV: 5.6%
HOPS: Slovenian Aged Hops
MALT: Valley Pilsner, Valley Wheat