Really Big Bird
Aggressive, yet majestic. Fluffy, but not without a bite. Bigger than big. Really Big Bird is the largest and most hop-saturated addition to our Small Bird Series to-date. We took Big Bird, one of the hoppiest beers in our portfolio, and dosed it with an even more ridiculous dry-hopping rate, resulting in a beer that is unapologetic in its approach.

Presenting a densely hazy deep straw yellow, Really Big Bird wastes no time in offering its bouquet of fruit-forward aromatics. Beginning on the citrus side of the spectrum, we're first greeted with pungent notes of pithy orange, candied grapefruit, and lemon cello. As the glass warms, a tropical character presents itself in the form of a pineapple and papaya smoothie. Earthy undertones, centered around a piney bitterness create a wonderful balance atop a creamy, full-bodied mouthfeel. We're going to need a bigger nest!

ABV: 9%