Panicle Initiation

Embrace everlasting change to attain growth, for it's the stages along this mortal maize that define one's spirit.

Our first collaboration with Burial Beer Co. is a celebration of shared values and a spotlight on the idea of growth. Incorporating local ingredients into our beers and on our restaurants' plates, thereby supporting a healthier, regional agricultural system is a cornerstone of both company's missions. This Double IPA hones in on that concept, incorporating Tuxpeño Corn grown by David Bauer of Farm & Sparrow in Mars Hill, NC and sourced from Epiphany Craft Malt in Durham, as well as Valley Wheat Malt from our Northeast Grainshed partners in Hadley, MA.

Hopped with Mosaic, Rakau, and Strata, Panicle Initiation pours a sunny canary yellow color with a soft, inviting haze. An initial wave of ripe tropical fruit prepares the palate for notes of lychee gummies, scoops of creamy mango gelato, and sticky pineapple purèe. Mixed berry smoothie, fresh orange slices, and a dank, piney character play auxiliary roles. Pleasantly dry, with a fluffy mouthfeel, and moderately bitter finish, Panicle Initiation finishes with a nuanced, underlying grain profile, thanks in part to the cereal mash we employed for the Tuxpeño.

ABV: 8.2%
HOPS: Mosaic, Rakau, Strata
MALT: American 2-Row Barley, Valley Wheat