New Englander's Vacation
Even the truest New Englanders deserve a vacation. After a long winter and rainy spring, we all patiently look forward to the promise of warmer weather, longer days and day trips up and down the coast. The seasonal sequel to True New Englander, New Englander’s Vacation is a new pale ale we see ourselves enjoying on the beach all summer long.

Using Sabro hops, New Englander’s Vacation packs a refreshing fruity punch at a sessionable and enjoyable 6.2%. Pouring a light yellow straw color with a moderate level of haze, New Englander’s Vacation is uniquely tropical on the nose, swirling mouthwatering tones of bright pineapple, fresh coconut, and key lime juice. These flavors converge on the palate calling to mind piña coladas with waves of tangerine, ripe stone fruit and mango adding depth. Medium bodied with a soft mouthfeel, New Englander’s Vacation has a light and rounded floral bitterness providing balance and a drying finish.

STYLE: Pale Ale
HOPS: Sabro
Pale Malt, White Wheat
ABV: 6.2%