New England Harvest Lager

The experiences we've shared with you in the first year of our Thompson Place brewery and restaurant have been humbling and incredibly rewarding. Offering guests memorable experiences through elevated hospitality is at the core of our mission, and Trillium Fort Point has afforded us the opportunity to do so in an intimate way. Over the past year, one of the major focuses at our 10bbl Fort Point brewhouse has been experimenting and refining our lager program, which could alternatively be referred to as our staff's 'shift-beer-of-choice' program. When it came time to decide what we would brew to commemorate the first anniversary, we wanted to give a nod to the folks that grind every day to deliver the Trillium experience to you. For New England Harvest Lager, we sourced ingredients from local purveyors who we've built strong relationships with and crafted a recipe that allows them to shine in their purest form. With a grist bill consisting of Plimoth Grist Mill Corn and Valley Pilsner Malt, delicate notes of fresh-baked biscuit and hand pressed corn tortilla immediately jump out of the glass. A complex floral bouquet contributed by Four Star Farms Crystal hops adds welcomed nuance. Finishing crisp, refreshing, and effervescent, this is the beer we'd like to raise with you and toast to one year of Trillium Fort Point.

STYLE: Lager
ABV: 4.6%
HOPS: Four Star Farms Crystal
MALT: Valley Pilsner, Plimoth Grist Mill Corn, Acidulated Malt