My Name is Also JC
With shared values of quality and constant innovation, when a project arises with the team at Yakima Chief Hops, we relish the opportunity. Developed by the Hop Breeding Company, HBC 586 is an experimental variety that has been making some waves amongst the hoppy brewing community. Looking to spotlight this hop at the 2021 Craft Brewers Conference in Denver, YCH connected us with Alvarado Street Brewery, presenting the idea of a collaboration with 586 as the focal point. Founded by J.C. Hill (another JC!), we found a lot of commonalities with Alvarado Street's portfolio of beers. Dabbling in a huge variety of styles, but best known for their hoppy program, we chose to highlight the dominant brewing styles of our respective coasts by each brewing a West Coast IPA and a New England IPA hopped with HBC 586.

Named after the two JC's first interactions, we're pleased to highlight these two distinct approaches to IPA. My Name is Also JC is the New England approach. Pouring a golden yellow color with an inviting hazy glow, the nose is greeted with a charge of mouth-watering orange sherbet aromatics. Secondary highlights range from overripe pineapple, mango, and creamy citrus. Balanced, with a finish that lands on the drier side, My Name is Also JC is fermented with our house yeast, bringing a classic Trillium feel to the experimental HBC 538.

HBC 586, HBC 538
2-Row Pale Malt, White Wheat
ABV: 7%