Moon Island
Nestled in the bay just off the coast, Boston's Harbor Islands are rich with history and intrigue. Each is known for its unique appeal and backstory, with a string of larger narratives tying them together en masse. The Harbor Islands IPA series grew out of the exploration that took place in our Permutation Series, where we developed a new series of IPAs that showcases extraordinary hops, building on our team's experience brewing hoppy beer at Trillium. Learn more about the Boston Harbor Islands from Boston Harbor Now.

During colonial times, the island, then known as Manning’s Moone, was mainly used as a grazing site for nearby farms in Dorchester and Quincy. Today, a ¾ mile long causeway actually connects the Island to the Squantum neighborhood of Quincy. Moon Island has an elevation of 98 feet providing exceptional views of downtown Boston and Peddocks Island.

Pouring an amber orange with moderate haze, Moon Island IPA’s signature Simcoe dry hop gives off a dank and spicy aroma bursting with notes of pressed orange, ripe mango, pineapple rings, and lively grapefruit zest. The palate builds upon the nose with a touch of fresh squeezed lemon balanced against a light, pillowy biscuit malt backbone. Moon Island IPA has a soft, mild mouthfeel and finishes with a gentle, clean bite of pine tips.

ABV: 6.8%
HOPS: Simcoe
MALT: Pale Malt, Honey Malt, Victory Malt