Minot's Ledge Lighthouse

Our tour of the New England coastline continues with Minot's Ledge Lighthouse. Like the Harbor Island IPAs, our brewing team's innovative Permutations were the genesis for these beers. With amplified strength, the Lighthouses will continue to showcase specific hops while paying homage to historic New England landmarks.


Minot’s Ledge refers to the notorious rock formation located about a mile off the coast of Cohasset and Scituate. Between 1832 and 1841, approximately 40 ships were lost in the vicinity of these rocks, leading to the construction of a 70 foot iron tower to help guide ships in late 1849. This initial tower was knocked over in a massive storm in April of 1851. Recognizing the need for a stronger design, the second Minot's Ledge Lighthouse utilized over 3,514 tonnes of perfectly interlocking dovetailed Quincy granite reinforced with iron shafts. Completed in 1860, this engineering marvel was the most expensive in the history of the United States. Even as waves have been known to crest over the top of the Lighthouse, the strongest gales and storms cause little more than a strong vibration inside.


Minot's Ledge Lighthouse' eponymous beer is a Double IPA brewed with Australian Galaxy hops and pours a light marigold orange with heavy haze. The nose displays a bevy of ripe fruits as diced mango, sweet pineapple, and orange candies entice the palate. Extending through to the palate these flavors present themselves as layered tropical smoothie with an accent of freshly squeezed white grapefruit. Minot"s Ledge Lighthouse has a soft, pillowy mouthfeel and a medium body, with a restrained bite on the finish.

ABV: 8.9%
HOPS: Galaxy

MALT: Pale Malt, Honey Malt