Middle Aged Genius
Teaming up with our buds at Bissell Brothers is all about friendship, epic memories, and unforgettable beers. While brainstorming for a new project, we immediately began reminiscing over long summer days on the Maine coast guzzling a few cold cans of Bissell’s ultra sessionable Baby Genius Blonde Ale. Then we thought…what would Baby G look like all grown up?

Middle Aged Genius, our latest collab with our favorite Mainers, features a dry hop triple-threat of Citra, Nelson, & Motueka along with a crisp malt foundation from Pilsner & @valleymalt raw wheat. More mature in ABV at 7% and a bit thicker in body, this refined IPA maintains the spry aromatics & insane crushability of its’ younger self!

Pouring a hazy straw yellow, Middle Aged Genius bursts out of the glass and into olfaction with vibrant tropical & citrus aromas. Notes of mango nectar, juicy pineapple rings, and a rush of ripe stone fruit delight the palate. Underneath this onslaught of tropical fruit, a creamy citrus profile adds notes of candied grapefruit, lime zest, and fresh-squeezed tangerine. Middle Aged Genius IPA offers a well-rounded mouthfeel, with gentle bitterness and smooth finish.

ABV: 7%
HOPS: Citra, Nelson, Motueka
MALT: Pilsner, Valley Wheat