Mettle Alloy 2021

In March 2020, draft service at all Trillium locations was placed on hiatus due to the onset of COVID-19. With a healthy supply of fresh, hoppy draft beer in our cold rooms, we quickly began to brainstorm alternative ways of getting this beer in your hands to enjoy.


The concept of mindfully blending beers with complimentary malt and hop profiles was suggested, and after proofing the concept in our lab, Mettle Alloy was born. The percentage of each component beer was dialed in through benchtop testing prior to blending in stainless. Before packaging, our cross-discipline sensory panel evaluated each batch of Mettle Alloy to ensure that they offered something singular and gratifying, while still maintaining our high standards for Trillium hoppy beer.


We released seven different Mettle Alloy iterations in 2020, each label displaying a different batch number and metallic color. With draft service once again shuttered for the winter months of 2021, we return to this practice, save for a few tweaks.


You'll notice that we've dropped the batch signifier and alternating color concept from the labels. To decipher which batch you're enjoying, simply view the date code printed on the bottom of the can. For tasting notes and more detailed information please refer to our Instagram feed, where we'll discuss the specifics of each batch at the time of release.

ABV: 7.7%