Mettle Alloy

Mettle was originally brewed to celebrate the spirit of tenacity and camaraderie that our team displayed throughout our first year in business. Six years later, as we stand eye-to-eye with our toughest challenge yet, our resolve is tested yet again. After pausing draft service at all of our locations, we decided to get creative and resourceful with the variety of fresh, hoppy draft beer in our cold rooms.Mettle Alloy is a meticulously-blended IPA consisting of a large portion of Mettle and a variety of Trillium hoppy beers that complement our beloved Double IPA. The result is a hop-saturated offering that displays complexity and nuance as it washes across the palate. A huge fresh grapefruit character greets the palate upfront, with layers of pithy lemon, orange peel, and juicy watermelon following closely behind. Balanced, medium-bodied, and highly drinkable, Mettle Alloy is a beer built to make the tough times a little better.

ABV: 7.3%