How To Pale Ale
Over the last two decades, America's Test Kitchen has taught millions of cooks how to tackle any kitchen task - from peeling garlic to baking croissants - with confidence. Our latest collaboration, How To Pale Ale, is our tribute to teaching and sharing. In the spirit of openly spreading knowledge and information, we've published the full recipe on our blog for those who wish to recreate this beer at a homebrew scale. Click here to check it out! Once we settled on the How To concept with the Test Kitchen crew, we wanted to build a Pale Ale recipe that felt quintessentially Trillium. We sourced local rye and triticale malt from Valley Malt to build a canvas for three of our favorite and most often utilized hop varieties: Citra, Galaxy, and Mosaic.

The resulting beer is as infinitely bright and tropical as it is drinkable. Pouring a bright golden color with a soft haze, notes of fresh pineapple, dried mango, and orange peel fill the room as soon as the can is cracked. A gentle piney bitterness creates balance, while a soft, fluffy mouthfeel never tires the palate.

STYLE: Pale Ale
ABV: 5.5%
HOPS: Mosaic, Citra, Galaxy
MALT: American 2 Row Barley, Valley Rye, Valley Triticale, White Wheat