Habitat: 2023 Peach

New England summer provides a bounty of fresh fruit varieties that harmoniously enhance our Habitat family of spontaneous ales. Our 2023 5-Year Blend was refermented on Massachusetts-grown peaches, individually hand selected for peak seasonal ripeness.

New England’s natural ecosystems ground Trillium with a sense of place. Our Habitat family of spontaneously fermented ales is a personal reflection of our terroir. Brewed using local New England malted barley and raw wheat, with aged hops, these beers rest overnight in our coolship, where they are inoculated by the native microflora unique to the area we inhabit. After years spent in oak prior to thoughtful selection and blending, we present our interpretation of the complex interplay between regenerative agriculture, unspoiled native lands, and centuries-old practices and traditions.

STYLE: Spontaneously- Fermented Ale
ABV: 6.4%