Habitat: 2021 Port Barrel-Aged

New England’s natural ecosystems ground Trillium with a sense of place. Our Habitat family of spontaneously fermented ales is a perfect reflection of our terroir. Brewed using local New England malted barley and raw wheat, with aged hops, these beers rest overnight in our coolship, where they are inoculated by the native microflora unique to the area we inhabit. After years spent in oak prior to thoughtful selection and blending, we present our interpretation of the complex interplay between regenerative agriculture, unspoiled native lands, and centuries old practices and traditions.


Oak plays a fundamental role in the creation and sensory experience of our Habitat family. These spontaneously fermented beers are aged in a variety of vessels, ranging in both size and prior fermentation use. On occasion, we source unique barrels that create singular expressions.


This particular blend merges four select port barrels that were filled with beer from our third spontaneous brewing season. Aged for 22 months, you’ll find vibrant notes of stone fruit and preserved lemon, balanced with port-derived flavors of toffee and old, leather bound books.

STYLE: Spontaneously- Fermented Ale
ABV: 6.2%
HOPS: Slovenian Aged Hops
MALT: Valley Wheat, Malted Barley