Gurnet Lighthouse

Our tour of the New England coastline continues with Gurnet Lighthouse. Like the Harbor Island IPAs, our brewing team's innovative Permutations were the genesis for these beers. With amplified strength, the Lighthouses will continue to showcase specific hops while paying homage to historic New England landmarks.


Gurnet Lighthouse may look familiar to Duxbury and Plymouth natives. Nestled on the South Shore of Boston, this landmark is a perfect one to honor in our Lighthouse Series. In the 1700s, Plymouth-native Hannah Thomas assumed control of the Gurnet Lighthouse property when her husband died and became the country's first female lighthouse-keeper on record. The lighthouse was mostly consumed by a fire in the 1800s, but was rebuilt and restrengthened multiple times over the century. It stands tall today as a beacon of resilience, dedication and the pioneering spirit of our region.


Gurnet Lighthouse's eponymous beer is a Double IPA brewed with Austrialian Vic Secret hops and pours with a hazy light orange coloring. Swirling the glass, tropical aromas of pineapple slices, passion fruit, lemongrass, and ripe papaya greet the nose leading into a palate rich with flavors of lemon-orange sorbet, cantaloupe, and fresh peach. Balanced by a touch of bready malt with a gentle and rounded pine bitterness, Gurnet Lighthouse has a medium body, soft carbonation and smooth, mouthwatering finish.

ABV: 8.9%
HOPS: Vic Secret

MALT: Pale Malt, Honey Malt