Fuzz Effect

The world has seen many supply chains interruptions across almost all industries in the past 17 months. Beer is not exempt from these disturbances, particularly when it comes to raw ingredients. Our 2021 Galaxy contract has been severely delayed due to shortages in refrigerated shipping containers and overall global logistics log jams, throwing a wrench in our most anticipated annual release, Headroom.

We pride ourselves on the ability to pivot and face challenges head-on. If we can't brew Headroom, we're going to welcome a new addition to the family! If you've been following along closely, you've noticed that we've been hooked on Nelson Sauvin throughout 2021. Our selection of the New Zealand varietal has been absolutely brilliant this year, making it the perfect choice for pushing the boundaries of hop saturation in true Headroom fashion. A celebrated distortion, Fuzz Effect is here.

Pouring a hazy, golden yellow, Fuzz Effect's juicy aroma leaps from the glass. Notes of a lush tropical smoothie, fresh-pressed white grape juice, and lychee sorbet race across the palate. Each sip is silky, coating the tongue with uncut hop delight. With just enough sweetness to complement the waves of fruit aromatics, Fuzz Effect finishes gently bitter and highly satisfying.

ABV: 8%
Nelson Sauvin, Mosaic, CTZ
MALTAmerican 2-Row Barley, Flaked Wheat, Valley Rye