Fated Farmer: Blackberry

Our Fated Farmer Series is a landmark step toward realizing our foundational vision for Trillium: Build a place that intuitively celebrates the intersection of New England farming, agriculture, brewing, and integrated community experience. The grist of each of the dynamic Fated Farmer wild ales is set on the structure of Valley Malt and is barrel fermented in 500L puncheons with our Native New England Wild Culture and aged for 5-7 months, before refermenting on freshly harvested fruit.


The beers in this series are explorations of how natural agriculture can enhance and accentuate our wild ales - as we continue to produce new batches of Fated Farmer we hope to give a recurring showcase to this concept.


Following in the footsteps of our 2018 batch, this year’s batch of Fated Farmer: Blackberry pours from the bottle a beautiful crimson color with a touch of shimmering haze that catches the light and a blush pink head. Swirling the glass, the nose is teeming with aromas of ripe blackberries and red wine with subtle hints of oak, baking spice, and a mild earthy funk. The palate follows bursting with refreshing flavors of tart blackberry preserves, dark cherry, cranberry and faint nutmeg balanced by a soft backbone of wheat. Light-to-medium bodied with a delicate level of tartness, Fated Farmer: Blackberry’s crisp and even finish is accentuated by a spritzer-like effervescence.

STYLE: Barrel Fermented Wild Ale
ABV: 7.1%
HOPS: Aged Hops
MALT: Valley Wheat, Valley Pilsner