Endless Vanilla
Endless is the culmination of continual experimentation with Double BA stouts and the careful art of blending. Taking lessons learned from our first iteration, Endless Night & Day, we've finally achieved a milestone result providing an endlessly satisfying experience. After more than three years in oak, The BA Endless stout base provides the perfect canvas to continue pushing the limits of adding increased amounts of our favorite adjuncts.

Endless: Vanilla features four times our usual rate of vanilla addition, elevating the sensory experience to otherworldly levels. Oaky rum and bourbon character takes center stage playing gracefully in concert with soaring levels of whole Madagascar vanilla bean on the palate. Deeply satisfying with a firmly structured body and an enduring bouquet of sweet vanilla cream, cask strength spirit, and chocolate on the nose, Endless: Vanilla is a stout that keeps on giving.

STYLE: Imperial Stout
HOPS: Hop Extract
MALTPale Malt, Simpson DRC, Caramunich, Dark Wheat, Crystal Malt, Malted Oats, Black Malt
Madagascar Whole Vanilla Bean
ABV: 15.6%