Endless Coconut
Endless is the culmination of continual experimentation with Double BA stouts & the careful art of blending. Taking lessons learned from our first iteration, Endless Night & Day, we've finally achieved a milestone result providing an endlessly satisfying experience. After more than three years in both rum & bourbon barrels, The BA Endless stout base provides the perfect canvas to continue pushing the limits of adding increased amounts of our favorite adjuncts.

Endless: Coconut presents powerfully on the palate as an unctuous molten chocolate-dipped coconut candy whimsically blended with velvety smooth rum & bourbon. The nose is lightly charred spirit barrels with massive supporting aromas of freshly cracked coconut & delicate hints of dark fruit. A medium bitterness & soft, warm spirits cleanly round out this wholly enriching drinking experience.

STYLE: Imperial Stout
HOPS: Hop Extract
MALTPale Malt, Simpson DRC, Caramunich, Dark Wheat, Crystal Malt, Malted Oats, Black Malt
ABV: 15.6%