Double Dry Hopped UPPERCASE
How do we adequately express how excessively hoppy this beer is? "Very"? Not strong enough. "Insanely?" Well yes, we are, but not quite as visceral as we're looking for. How about "HOPPY?"...UPPERCASE HOPPY! That'll do it.

An expression often used by JC in the early days of Trillium, i.e. "This broken (insert piece of equipment here) is UPPERCASE F*$%ED," was transformed into the name of an elusive Double IPA with hopping rates that were hard to wrap our heads around. Many years later, we've taken it a step further, creating DDH UPPERCASE.

Pouring a deep and hazy golden yellow, a healthy addition of Flaked Wheat offers a luscious canvas for A LOT of Citra, Mosaic, and Galaxy. Super-saturated tropical aromas of mango at peak ripeness, pineapple juice, and lychee gummies swarm the palate the moment the can is cracked. The plush mouthfeel is built for the hop onslaught, rounding each sip out with a softness that pairs well with a gentle resinous character.

ABV: 9%
HOPS: Citra, Mosaic, Galaxy
MALT: American 2 Row Barley, Flaked Wheat, C-15