Double Barrel-Aged Tiramisu

First brewed in January 2018 in collaboration with J. Wakefield Brewing, Tiramisu was one of the first decadent entries into our Dessert Series. After reserving a select portion for more than a year's rest in Bourbon barrels, we released Barrel-Aged in February 2019. Now, more than 30 months after the original brew day, our first-ever Double Barrel-Aged Stout is ready for release.


We held back just a handful of barrels of Barrel-Aged Tiramisu, selected for their depth of character and potential for further development, and racked this small percentage of beer into a fresh set of bourbon barrels for another 16 months of aging. After transferring the beer out of its second set of barrels, we further conditioned it upon fresh Mostra and Barrington coffee and whole Mexican, Papua New Guinea, and Tahitian vanilla beans. The resulting Imperial Stout has structured integrity and offers layers of complexity and depth of character that only time and oak can contribute.


Double Barrel-Aged Tiramisu pours a glass-coating opaque black. The aroma offers a profound intensity, enticing the palate with waves of dense dark chocolate fudge, caramelized brown sugar, creamy vanilla, and Italian espresso. As the glass warms, notes of bourbon-soaked oak staves and the beer's namesake dessert become more apparent. Offering a massive mouthfeel without ever becoming cloying, Double Barrel-Aged Tiramisu exemplifies the new frontier of Trillium stout making.

STYLE: Imperial Stout
ABV: 15.9%
HOPS: Co2 Hop Extract
MALT: Maris Otter, Black Malt, chocolate Malt, Munich Malt, White Wheat, Flaked Oats, C-120, C-80
ADDITIONAL INGREDIENTS: A&J King Artisan Bakers' Ladyfingers, Madagascar Bourbon, Vanilla Beans, Brown Sugar, Mostra Coffee, Barrington Coffee