Doppio Affogato
In 2017, we teamed up with our close friends and stout maestros at J. Wakefield Brewing to craft Affogato and launch our Dessert-Inspired Series. When thinking of ways to celebrate our 10th Anniversary in 2023, we knew we had to add an extra shot & scoop to Doppio this classic recipe.

Doppio Affogato Imperial Stout begins with a silky, luscious base featuring a complex array of specialty malts. To amplify pure indulgence, we then layered in massive additions of Madagascar vanilla beans, Barrington Coffee Trillium Blend, and milk sugar to mimic the wonderful experience of espresso-meets-ice cream.

Pouring dark black with creamy, glass-coating viscosity, Affogato leads with an assertive notes of freshly baked brownies, vanilla icing, sticky toffee chocolate, and light roast coffee. Upon the first sip, vanilla bean engulfs the palate with complimentary flavors of espresso, caramelized brown sugar, molasses, and milk chocolate. Full bodied and creamy, yet soft and slightly warming, Doppio Affogato's gentle sweetness is kept in check by the roasty-coffee bitterness.

STYLE: Imperial Stout
ABV: 10.4%
HOPS: Columbus
MALT: American 2-Row Barley, Chocolate Malt, DRC, Crystal Medium, Brown Malt, Carafa II, Crystal Dark, Munich 1, Black Malt
ADDITIONAL INGREDIENTS: Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Barrington Coffee Trillium Blend, Brown Sugar, Milk Sugar