Dialed-Up: Chardonnay & Gewurztraminer


Dialed-Up builds upon the foundation of our series of Double IPA’s brewed with grape juice, Dialed-In. For this special release, we bumped the ABV all the way up to 11% and massively dry hopped the beer with Galaxy and Citra.


Pouring a gorgeous maize yellow with a heavy, milky haze, Dialed Up offers an intense nose layering ample aromas of orange smoothies, overripe melons and sweet table grapes with dank, blooming pine. A bold wave of pulpy citrus leads on the palate with flavors of fresh squeezed pomelo, grapefruit, and blood orange. Next, the mid-fermentation addition of Chardonnay and Gewürztraminer juices converge with vinous notes of lychee, apricot, passion fruit, orange blossom honey, sweet pineapple, and roses. With a soft and creamy mouthfeel and medium-to-full body, Dialed-Up’s finish balances its sweeter tropical notes with a moderate and enjoyable floral bitterness.

ABV: 11.0%
HOPS: Galaxy, Citra, CTZ
MALT: Pilsner, C-15, Flaked Wheat

ADDITIONAL INGREDIENTS: Chardonnay Juice, Gewurztraminer Juice