Deciduous 2021

We brew Deciduous to welcome the return of Autumn and to celebrate New England's changing foliage. Inspired by the dynamic New England climate, we recalibrate and evolve our recipe annually to produce a new iteration each Fall. The 2021 version has us taking inspiration from Bavaria, as we brew our take on a Munich Dunkel Lager.

Pouring a gorgeous ruby brown color with crimson highlights, and just a touch of haze, the nose is as complex as it is inviting. Malt-forward aromas of graham cracker, bread crust, molasses, and toffee waft from the glass. With each sip, we tease out secondary notes of lightly toasted nuts, dried fruit, black tea, and a touch of autumn spice. Light- to medium-bodied and infinitely drinkable, Deciduous 2021 is the beer we'll be enjoying by the bonfire, on the trails, and at our tables, all fall long.

STYLE: Munich Dunkel Lager
HOPS: Hallertauer
MALT: Pilsner, Munich 10L, Caramunich II