Day & Night
This Barrington cold brewed coffee infused blonde barleywine is the luminous counterpart to our dark, rich imperial stout. In Day & Night, we envisioned the blonde barleywine style as a way to showcase the nuanced floral, fruity, and spicy characteristics found in medium and light roast coffee blends. Golden-Amber in color, Day & Night exudes delightful aromas of almond toffee, graham crackers, fruity coffee, lightly acidic berries, and vanilla. Upfront flavors of creamy coffee, honey tinged malt, caramel, and tart berry blend cleanly with a slight coffee-derived bitterness.

STYLE: Blonde Barleywine Style Ale
ABV: 10%
HOPS: Columbus
MALT: Pilsner, Abbey
ADDITIONAL INGREDIENTS: Barrington Cold Brewed Coffee, Turbinado Sugar