Brimming Bin
Brimming Bin is a Wild Ale brewed in collaboration with our friends from Carton Brewing in New Jersey aged on Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc Grapes. This beer pour a dark golden yellow with slight haze and noticeable effervescence. Bringing the glass to the nose presents distinct aromas of chamomile, sweet pear, rustic bread, and dried orange peel with a subtle grassy funk. The palate unfolds with layers of ripe apricot, tart gooseberry, tangerine and crisp pome fruit. Mildly sour with a medium body and fizzy carbonation, Brimming Bin has a off-dry finish with a touch of minerality.

STYLE: American Wild Ale
ABV: 10.9%
HOPS: Malted Oats, Pilsner, C-20, Crystal Oats, Raw Wheat
ADDITIONAL INGREDIENTS: Sauvignon Blanc Grapes, Chenin Blanc Grapes