Blackberry Super Soak
Super Soak: our Soak series amped up with a bigger malt bill, increased ABV, and twice the amount of fruit as Soak. While still sour, the higher ABV in Super Soak serves to moderate the lactic acid formation.

We ferment the base beer with 60% wheat in large oak foeders for several months. Fermentation duties are shared gracefully between our house lactobacillus strain and our Native New England mixed culture. Loosely inspired by the cold-maceration process used in winemaking, we blend fruit directly into the foeders to “soak” for a deep extraction of unique colors, aromatics, and flavors and a refermentation. Blackberry Super Soak is the first in a new series of big siblings to our smaller Soak variants.

Blackberries lend a tart, rich flavor profile, and a deep plum purple hue. The nose pops with succulent aromas of jam and pie, followed by a full blackberry palate.

STYLE: American Sour Wheat Ale
ABV: 7.1%
HOPS: US Goldings
MALT: Pilsner, White Wheat, Flaked Wheat