Begonia Skies
Music inspires us daily. We listen to music in our restaurant and in our taprooms, on the packaging line, in our offices, and on our commutes. From Sinister Kid to Headroom, examples of musical influence can be found tracing back to the beginning of Trillium. Early visitors to 369 Congress Street were often greeted with indie rock sounds of Cambridge's Passion Pit. Their breakout single, Sleepyhead, is the inspiration behind our latest offering, Begonia Skies.

Brewed with passion fruit and lactose, Begonia Skies is our first Sour IPA. Presenting a striking orange with a soft, glowing haze, a blend of tropical tones bursts out of the glass, shifting from passionfruit and pineapple to orange juice and papaya. Sweetness, acidity, and bitterness are all in balance, no sip shifting too far in one direction. Soft and plush on the palate, Begonia Skies is a lively and approachable Sour IPA.

ABV: 7%
HOPS: Citra
MALT: American 2 Row Barley, Flaked Wheat, Rolled Oats