Bake & Break
We are honored to be asked to participate in this year's Barrel & Flow Fest. The opportunity to collaborate with the team at Brockton Beer has been incredible given our shared vision and efforts for community and sense of place. When we were discussing what to brew together, we knew we wanted to offer something that could achieve the kind of excitement and enjoyment that we always strive for, but take a deeply intentional approach that represents the contextual purpose of Barrel & Flow and the resulting conversations that this opportunity deserves.

Cultures have a near-universal connection to baking and the communal "breaking" of bread. The Double IPA recipe centers on this concept by using bread baked from local, freshly stone-milled Massachusetts flour in Trillium wood-fired ovens. Sporting a stunning label designed by Boston graphic artist Stump One, it's our hope that this beer symbolizes shared, human commonalities while respecting and learning about each other's perspectives.

In the glass, Bake & Break presents a light honey-colored golden yellow. The duo of Mosaic and El Dorado work in tandem to offer a complex bouquet, which displays notes of tropical fruit salad, blueberry sorbet, sugar-dusted citrus gummies, and canned peach. And underlying bubblegum aromatic, paired with a piney highlight and subtle bread crust grain note offer nuance to each sip. Finishing dry, with a modest bitterness, Bake & Break is soft, medium-bodied, and notably easy-drinking for 8.5%.

ABV: 8.5%
HOPS: Mosaic, El Dorado
MALT: American 2-Row Barley, Valley Wheat
ADDITIONAL INGREDIENTSTrillium Wood-Fired Bread Baked with Local Ground Up Flour