Almond Crunch

The Assorted Treats series was born out of the desire to create a daily-drinking version of our culinary-inspired stouts. Designed to encapsulate some of our favorite after-dinner sweets, our Dessert Series imperial stouts are decadent, rich, and often on the higher end of the ABV spectrum. With Assorted Treats, you won't need a special occasion or group of friends to enjoy a little self-indulgence.

The third release in the series is reminiscent of chocolate-drizzled almond candies. Almond Crunch pours a deep brown color with walnut highlights and a mocha-tinged head. Warm aromas of toasted almond, baker's chocolate, thick fudge, and marzipan delight the palate. Medium-bodied and lightly sweet, Almond Crunch skillfully toes the line between decadence and drinkability.

STYLE: Stout
ABV: 6.5%
MALT: Maris Otter, Rolled Oats, Pale Chocolate, Carafa III, Simpson DRC, Munich 10L, Caramunich III
ADDITIONAL INGREDIENTS: Toasted Almonds, Vanilla