Dial Up the Seven Digits (2023)

1-800-COLLABO! We've, once again, teamed up with our friends from Monkish to bring you an updated 2023 version of Dial Up the Seven Digits, a juicy Double IPA brewed with Chardonnay Juice. Combining the recipes for Dialed In (our Double IPA brewed with various wine grape juices) and Monkish's Dial the Seven Digits Double IPA, DUT7D is a harmonious marriage of fresh Citra & Galaxy hops with smooth, subtle chardonnay juice.

Pouring an enticing golden yellow with heavy haze, aromas of freshly squeezed grapefruit, soft white wine, tropical fruit, and citrus swirl around the nose. Upfront flavors of ripe mango, orange juice, and pineapple coincide with vinous notes from the mid-fermentation addition of Chardonnay. Soft and creamy with moderate bitterness, Dial Up the Seven Digits is medium-bodied with a crisp, dry finish. 

ABV: 8.2%
HOPS: Citra, Galaxy

MALT: Pilsner, Flaked Wheat, Malted Oats, C-15, Caramalt