Big Bird

Making its annual migration to New England, Big Bird draws inspiration from our “Small Birds” by utilizing specialty grains and unique hop varieties, Big Bird has an amped profile worthy of a larger fowl. Pouring a noticeably cloudy yellow, this intensely aromatic Double IPA conjures up a tropical fruit cocktail nose of fresh pressed orange and ripe pineapple with a garnish of lemon and light spruce tip spice.


Strong citrus flavors of key lime pie, mandarin orange, and tangy grapefruit pith lead into a creamy profile of kiwi flesh, cantaloupe, and honeydew melon with papaya. Medium bodied, Big Bird’s tropical sweetness on the front of the palate is balanced out on the finish by a soft herbal bitterness. We welcome this bird back to the nest!


ABV: 8.5%
HOPS: ???
MALT: American 2-Row Barley, White Wheat, Dextrine, Flaked Wheat, Valley Danko Rye, Valley Triticale, Malted Oats, Dextrose