Paying homage to the centuries-old use of Corn Crib granaries to dry and store the annual harvest, we release Crib New England Corn Lager to commemorate our 9th Anniversary. Featuring Hopi Blue heirloom corn grown on our North Stonington Farm and picked, shucked, and shelled by hand, Crib is the embodiment of our original vision to establish a true New England Farmhouse brewery.  

Also integrating Valley Malt Pilsner grown in Hadley, MA, the concept for Crib is deeply rooted in our continued vision for building a healthier, more sustainable regional food system here in the northeast. One that connects all levels of the supply chain, from growers and producers to researchers and the public, allowing for education and access to local, nutritious food.

This bright, straw-colored Corn Lager, presents a delicate range of aromatics. An array of malt-forward notes greet the palate upfront, featuring tones of fresh-baked biscuit, water cracker, and lightly toasted corn chips. As the beer opens up, the Saaz shines with a  floral-meets-grassy profile adding a nuanced highlight and welcomed soft bitterness. Crib is light-bodied, thirst-quenching, and finishes crisp.

Hopi Blue corn was originally grown by the Hopi Tribe in America's Southwest with its first introduction more than 4,000 years ago from Mexico. Hopi cosmology is grounded in the annual Spring corn planting which guides daily life and sustains the community in ways both nutritional and spiritual.

STYLE: New England Corn Lager
ABV: 5%
HOPS: Saaz
MALT: Valley Pilsner, North Stonington Raw Heirloom Hopi Blue Corn, Acidulated Malt