Trillium x Barrington

Trillium x Barrington

February 25th, 2022

Joining forces over a shared love of everything coffee, Gregg Charbonneau and Barth Anderson brewed their own entrepreneurial cup of freshly roasted heaven by founding 
Barrington Coffee Roasting Co. in 1993. Nestled in the Berkshire hills of western Massachusetts, this award-winning roastery continues to represent a beautiful intersection of art, science, passion, and commitment.

In 2013, our paths fortuitously crossed on Congress Street, leading to many caffeinated Trillium classics including Night & Day, Pot & Kettle, and of course, our PM Dawn series. After countless hours of quality time together, sipping bean and beer while swapping stories, our bond has resulted in a signature Trillium blend, innovative collaborations, and lifelong friendships.

Barrington’s core values align closely with ours with a focus on environmental sustainability, equitable trade, product quality, and community support. Each year, Gregg and Barth travel to all corners of the globe forming meaningful relationships, hand-selecting the highest quality beans, and showcasing the world-class talents of farmers through their roasting process.

We source all of our coffees firsthand from cutting edge farming collaborations, multi-generation family farms, and coffee growing cooperatives around the globe. In some instances, the relationships we have cultivated date back to the early 90’s…” -Barth Anderson

To more deeply understand unique terroir expressions from the finest coffee farmers, we turned to Barrington’s “The Natural” to establish the first entry in our exploratory Single Origin Series of PM Dawn Stout. “The Natural” is produced by father and son Aklilu and Biniam Aklilu Kassa in Oromia, Ethiopia, the name referring to their open-air method of drying the coffee cherry naturally on elevated tables in the sun. Our PM Dawn base provides the canvas to highlight this coffee's extraordinary notes of dried blueberry, banana, ripe blackberry, baking spices, and Dutch cocoa.

“We have enjoyed the PM Dawn since its inception and are thrilled that The Natural is featured in this first edition of the Single-Origin PM Dawn.” -Barth Anderson

Barrington Team

Future Single Origin offerings will expand our understanding of coffee farming and give voice to families who cultivate the world’s best beans that elevate our brews to incomparable heights.

Pro Tip: Next time you are headed out towards the Berkshires, make sure to stop by Barrington Coffee in Lee, MA for mind-blowing bags of freshly roasted gold!

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