Cheers to Nine Years

Cheers to Nine Years

March 25th, 2022

Nine years is a weird's not a decade, which is an obvious milestone, yet it feels like so much more. JC and I are very active in running and planning Trillium towards our collective goals and dreams. Of course we have exceptional leaders who guide their teams, run the day to day, and help us strategize our vision. It just means that we're always looking down and around… at what's incomplete, what we have learned, and where can we improve. We don't always take the opportunity to stop, pick our heads up, and fully appreciate all that our team has accomplished.

But then a brief and amazing moment will happen and shine a bright light on what an incredible thing…'ve created. Like the new host who told me she DM'd me in early Covid days, telling me she lost her job in beer and, while she's reevaluating, do I have any advice to lead her back to the industry? I empathized with her, replied thoughtfully, and now over a year later she's found her way to Trillium. So cool! Then there's my cousin who lives in London and always wears a Trillium shirt out to bars because he loves when someone says "Hey, I love that brewery!" And just this week, a longtime member of #teamtrillium texted from Jordan to say that he met a huge fan on Mt. Nebo, who's coming to visit us in Canton this July! (Safe travels, Bruce.)

JC Esther 9th Anniversary

The stories that really hit home and feel most special, though, are the lives that take a new path starting at Trillium. The relationships that began, proposals at the bar, engagement parties, weddings, baby showers. All of the team members that bought new houses, got married and started families, even moved on to begin their own ventures with confidence and inspiration. Obviously Trillium is a part of my story with JC, but it also holds a personal and unique place in so many other hearts.

I truly feel joy when I meet someone who divulges their first memory of discovering us for themselves. Whether you stumbled upon our door in a little alley off Congress Street, or picked a white can out of a cooler at a friend's barbecue, please keep revealing! You make our world a little smaller and kinder, and remind us why we took the leap. Thank you for sharing it all with us!

-Esther Tetreault